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Hello again with an update on my adventures as a cuckold. For those who have not read my diary, I am 50 years a slave / cuckold a lover of 30 years of age / girlfriend. as some of you, my wife has a lover, a wealthy businessman who humilate me, as he called Lord have fuck. Master also recently found another lover, whom he met last week to have a drink. They agreed to meet on the day of the second afternoon sun. On Sat morning I was asked to choose the clothes on the bed for her to jizzonline wear when she met him. She chose a black skirt and a soft gray, then told me to wash his underwear black, duly came down and washed their hands of black silk panties, stockings and bra. Sunday afternoon I am I have my usual housework, joked and laughed at me as I take pictures of his big thick cock, this was so I said my knees and lick her wet pussy until she came to him I asked to be allowed tor my penis in her, but he said, lets get something straight, I have two lovers with huge cocks, why I wish I could or just as a special powder for excellent performance otherwise my pussy only my lover now fuck you and me to drink. at 6 o'clock I ran a bath and got her clothes ready, i was sent to the fuel to get jizzonline to his sports car, then left with his bag, remember the tasks are on the board, maintain or taken to be, oh, so I locked myself in my c incase I had a sneak straw. I have all my duties, I was very busy, I have a few texts have the last word, we are now slaves to go to bed, his cock throbbing think he could fuck me all night, jizzonline night, night. went to bed burn my tail againts the cy do not sleep well. The next day at noon, he had to say a text at home. I ran home, although I had a very important jizzonline appointment. Mistress stood there looking tired but happy, she hugged me and kissed me (god i love her) slave to my bag, I have it like a dog, and pulled out jizzonline a condom full of semen, knees good boy, I fell to my knees, cut off her top and gave all his semen in my mouth, that's swallowed every last drop of my cum lover, I threw me on the head of the slave of slaves good good. went into every detail of what they did, I tell everyone in my next installment. byeee
Par jizzonline-qi
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